On December 7, in the famous Skopje-based restaurant”Public Room”, promotion of the experimental exhibition was held with handwritten letters and drawings titled “DO NOT SAY, COMPLAINT VIOLENCE”. The exhibition is organized by the organization Journalists for Human Rights in cooperation with the TEXT.MK portal, and within the project, supported by WWDP, as part of the 16-day activism against gender-based violence.

It is an art installation, complemented with photographs, collages, messages, poetry, short stories, books, artistic works.

The logo was created by the artist and activist Silvi Pecakovska Djurićić, who through drawings with the audience shares part of her experience, from life in America, Sweden and Macedonia. Colouration drawing with 16 flowers, plus one flower, was drawn by Zivko Popovski-Tsvetin, symbolic of 16 days of activism, but it is one flower that the fight must not stop, continues the next day, and every other day. Communication on the rights of women with disabilities through a drawing from the Netherlands sent us multimedia artist Maja Pavlovska to point out that these women are paying more attention and rights to receive from the society.

A series of strip drawings present the artistic tandem Boris and Eva Mari Kostov, a young happy married couple, in order to appeal that harmony and understanding should be the basis of the marital community.

The entire exhibition is supported by famous pop performers, Pepa Dimitrova, Lenny Partikova and Igor Uzunov-Pepa dedicates the song “Laga”, Leni calls for greater openness and transparency in the search for help and support for women who are victims of violence, while Igor woman to be chanted in an artwork.

Writer Stojan Arsic spooks about his highly-read novel The Last Link, based on a true story by his friend, which explicitly describes violence on the main heroine in the novel.

Poetess Violeta Todeva-Mijalkova participates with her book “The Smell of Woman”, which describes all the feelings of joy, pain, devotion, through which the woman passes through her own corner.

With the story “The Dream of a Girl” at the exhibition, the writer Aneta Tasova takes her place to describe what kind of a journey she is most often forced to do by the woman who leads the desire to succeed in this society, where the opportunities are not equal for all. All this idea is completed by the writer, activist and lawyer Olivera Docevska. with the appeal to use the legal mechanisms and laws to protect the woman and her rights. Journalist Jasminka Pavlovska and the hostess Dragica Stefkovska point out the importance of the media for actualization and representation of this topic. Hot women’s letters arrived from Zagrebacka Teresa Sugovic. The whole performance enhances the college of photographs by actress Elizabeta Klincarevska Mladenovska – Elli, who, as a public figure, supported this campaign.

Otherwise, at the exhibition, in the past two years, preceded the series of articles titled “Women’s Stories” by journalist Valentina Gjorgievska Pargo, based on true-life stories, published in the text.mk portal and on several occasions caused wider attention, in our country and on certain international conferences.

The professional photographer from Bulgaria, Janko Janev, made a short film version of the exhibition. You can see the link of the two-minute video here