The Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM) together with the project partners EHO from Stip, Rural Coalition from Kumanovo, Luludi, and Journalists for Human Rights from Skopje received funding from the European Union for the project “Through Women’s Lenses: Policy and Budget Initiatives, Monitoring on the implementation of local action plans for gender equality “, with the implementation of which we started on January 1, 2021. The project will be implemented at the local level (17 municipalities), in cooperation with NGOs working with marginalized groups, for a period of 3 years. Taking into account our cooperation in the field of gender-responsive budgeting, we hope for your support in the implementation of the project. We would like to inform you that in the second part of the project implementation there is an opportunity for your involvement or sub-granting of civil society organizations for the preparation of gender analysis for the impact of the Covid-19 response and crisis recovery measures, using ROB tools.

Short project description:
Enhancing civil society proactive work through strengthened networking using GRB methods to cooperate with local government and shape local policies and budgets to address the different needs of women and men, especially of most vulnerable and marginalized groups in 16 targeted municipalities (Delchevo, Makedoska Kamenica, Kavadarci, Negotino, Radovish, Gevgelija, Struga, Vevchani, Krushevo, Krivogashtani, Shuto Orizari, Ilinden, Staro Nagorichane, Lipkovo, Brvenica & Tearce). The project is in sync and it will further strengthen the capacities of existing non-formal network of Gender Budget Watchdog Network (GBWN) by expanding its membership to CSOs from the target municipalities and representing the interest of the rural women and
men, poor women, and men, women and men with disabilities, minority women and men (ethnic, religious, sexual) and women and men from vulnerable age groups: young and the elderly citizens.
Target groups: 
CSOs representing women and men from most marginalized groups (rural, victims of violence, Roma, and extremely poor) and respective municipalities.
Main activities:
WP 1: Citizens mobilization
Baseline research/survey of needs and attitudes, perceptions on gender equality; participation and decision making; 15 citizens forums to determine needs and priorities of women and men; 15 policy appraisals/policy models; end-line research survey to determine the change in needs and attitudes, perceptions on gender equality, participation and decision making.
WP2: Capacity building for CSOs Training needs assessment; Delivery of training modules (introductory and advanced GRB training); Sub-granting to local CSOs to prepare GRB reports;
WP 3: Promotion of GBWN as a partner of municipalities Local-level workshops to develop communication and advocacy strategy for each CSO and respective Implementation; 15 local debates; Regional conference (in partnership with ZELS);
General objective: Through structured networking and cooperation with local governments to shape policies and budgets to respond to needs of women and men, especially in times of crisis.
Specific objectives: To mobilize citizens in participatory processes and contribute to local level decision making by appraising gender budget and policy initiatives aiming at social inclusion and enhance gender equality;
To build CSO capacity to use GRB tools to evaluate the correspondence between policies and budgets and the needs of men and women; To promote GBWN in monitoring public finance
spending on a local level and strengthen their advocacy efforts;
Expected Results:
– 17 meetings/policy debates/budget forums;

-750 involved citizens;

– 15 municipalities include finances in X budget program;

– 34 trained organizations;

– 4 webinars and 4 community of practice organized with
100 participants exchanging GRB experiences;
Budget: 445,357.00 €
Timeframe: 40 months (by April, 2024)