Journalists for Human rights have been cooperating with the British Embassy in Skopje since June 1, supporting the “Stay alert, stay safe” project. The project aims to make, sell and donate 100% cotton masks for multiple use as well as education of 30 people from marginalized groups of citizens how to make safe cotton masks and multiple pads for menstrual hygiene management.

“During the project, it is planned to make over 1000 masks, as well as hygienic reusable pads. The goal is to provide protection to the citizens who are on the margins of the society during the pandemic, but also to teach them how to make these products themselves, which they will be able to use in the future. Menstruation does not stop during a pandemic, and a huge number of women and girls who cannot afford their hygiene pads need this kind of skill, which they will later be able to share with their friends and acquaintances. ” – says Nakova Andrea, project coordinator.

The project lasts for 1 month, but with the help and donation of citizens who want to donate by buying masks, the funds of which will then be poured into the fund for making masks for donating marginalized groups of citizens, as well as with the support of the British Embassy has the opportunity to continue until the end of August.

The masks are sewn on machines donated by the project “Chemically Safe Health Toys in the Republic of Macedonia” supported by GEF PMG. This proves the sustainability of our projects, ie the machines and after the completion of the project are put into operation for the production of environmentally safe products.

With your donation of 50 denars you get a mask and donate to the fund for making masks intended for marginalized groups on the territory of the city of Skopje. You can order the masks at