Journalists for Human rights start today with a series of trainings for teachers within the project Knowledge Sharing, Management of Controversy in schools in Greece, Northern Macedonia and Bulgaria.

The aim of the project is to build a peaceful and inclusive school environment within the partner countries (Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria), and project partners are

Journalists for Human rights (N.Macedonia)
CIDT Amalipe (Bulgaria)

Project expectations:

  1. NGOs from Greece, North Macedonia and Bulgaria to develop joint non-formal education tools that make it easier for their local school communities to tackle controversy

2. Strengthen school communities to use these tools effectively


-Promoting dealing with controversy in teaching practice and school life

-Journalists for Human rights  through this project in the first phase will educate teachers on the topic, and then together with partners will produce:

New educational manual in four languages ​​(English, Greek, Macedonian, Bulgarian). The manual will include an 8-hour training program along with collecting feedback from training workshops implemented in the three countries.

One electronic tool per partner, including educational material for dealing with controversy

For this purpose, the NHR translated the publication CONTROL MANAGEMENT, which you can download HERE.

The project is supported by joint program Democratic and Inclusive School Culture on Operation (DISCO) and funded by the Council of Europe and the European Union.