Gender equality

The program incorporates the office treating gender equality rights, promotion of projects related to women’s rights, combating violence against women, and a special office on Resolution 1325, in the frame of this program.

Alternative tourism development

JHR with the changes in the program development, opened the program for alternative tourism development, with special accent on alternative tourism development in Prespa region implemented by our office in Resen. Education, trainings and workshops for citizens interested in alternative tourism development will be our goal

Protection of marginalized groups

Street children, children from socially disadvantaged families and Roma children will be our target groups – offering them direct help.

Health and environment

 In collaboration with the partner organization WECF, we opened a sector responsible for establishing standards for chemically and environmentally appropriate products on the Macedonian market, safe water and sustainable sanitation, climate change…

Informal education

The program is intended for young journalists to be educated in four sessions, each lasting a month. Each session is planned to have one foreign educator recognized in his work as an environmental journalist. The school will equally involve journalists from written and print media. Active is also the News Environmental Agency (NEA).

Nonviolence and conflict resolution

JHR as national coordinators of the campaign Control Arms, opened the program on Nonviolence and conflict resolution, as well as the program on nonconventional arms, with its’ offices of the Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) and the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN).

Get Ready for Small Arms and Weapons 2017 Campaigns

Women entrepreneurship

This program relates to the opening and support of the office for education and training of women entrepreneurs, with the objective of women’s economic strengthening.

Electronic media development

The program predicts development of electronic media and setting up a portal.