The piloting of the early warning system for missing children in North Macedonia was finalized by setting up a website called “Najdime” based on the Austrian good example of “Osterreichfindeteuch”. Launched as an interactive website, it can be accessed at the following internet address
It consists of a static and a dynamic part of the website. The front page has general information explaining what the site is about – finding missing persons and additional basic information about the project idea, partners and contact information and a link to fill out a missing person form.
At the top there are several tabs, they lead to sub-pages with additional content and purpose.
I NEED HELP – provides some guidance on dealing with the missing persons problem, steps to follow, and contacts for further assistance for children and family members of missing persons.
CREATE MISSING PERSON PROFILE – opens a simple step-by-step guided process to complete a missing person profile that can be further shared with different platforms depending on the parameters filled. This is checked by an administrator and after all security measures are followed, a profile of a missing person is generated and published on the site, which can further be distributed through various media platforms.
MISSING PEOPLE – opens the page with profiles of missing persons and additional information on how to report a missing person to the police and links to the official profile of missing persons of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Macedonia.
ABOUT THE PROJECT – provides an overview of the idea behind the website, the goals of the project and the partners ECPAT Austria and Journalists for Human Rights, as well as the donor with whose financial support the project is implemented the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection of Austria.
CONTACT – provides information on how to reach the implementer JHR.
This information can also be found at the bottom of the front page, where all logos of partners, donors and implementers are visible, as well as links to social platforms.
When a citizen wants to create a profile for a missing person on the site, it is recommended to first file a missing person report at the nearest police station.